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Geforce 9500 is slightly delayed

by on20 June 2008


55nm entry-level part

One of Nvidia’s strongest arguments about the Geforce 9 series is that it supports Hybrid Power and you can save a few square inches of Amazonian rainforest by saving power while using Nvidia’s Geforce 9 card.

There are two flaws in this strategy: one is that Nforce 750i and 780i are overpriced and not so popular unless you really use SLI, and Nforce 780a lacks a good processor to go along with it. Unfortunately, these are the only three discrete chipsets to support Hybrid power. It is a nice idea, but not so nice as to convince me to swap a Geforce 8 card for a 9.

Geforce 9500 is the new entry-level GPU that should take the place of the not-so-great-selling Geforce 8500, and this was supposed to be the first 55nm chip. Now G92b looks like a done piece of 55nm technology and we won’t be surprised if GT200 gets a 55nm makeover before the end of the year, of course if necessary.

At this time the launch date for Geforce 9500 has been pushed back to the end of July. With 55nm Nvidia’s entry-level will get faster, silicon gets smaller and with good yields the chip itself can cost less, and this is exactly what you need in the entry-level market. These cards have to sell for $59 or roughly €45-€50 in e-tail.

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