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Biohacker found dead in flotation tank

by on02 May 2018

Blockchainer Aaron Traywick wanted people to experiment on themselves

Ascendance Biomedica biohacking CEO Aaron Traywick, who encouraged people to conduct medical research outside the confines of pharmaceutical companies and academia, has been found dead in a flotation tank.

According to Vice,  the Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. is now investigating Traywick’s death, but the agency doesn’t have any evidence to suggest foul play. We expect the conspiracy theorists to have a field day anyway.

Ascendance Biomedical rose to prominence thanks in part to its workers’ willingness to publicly experiment on themselves. Traywick once dropped his pants on a conference stage to inject himself with what he said was a potential herpes treatment, and sat next to Roberts as he live-streamed injected himself with a compound designed to alter his genetic code and cure him of HIV. He was also keen on using blockchain technology in the development of new compounds. 

Traywick, who had no medical background, had lost touch with his colleagues at Ascendance Biomedical. Disagreements over the company’s direction and philosophical differences over how to best distribute its creations split the small startup.




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