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Microsoft denies killing its HoloLens

by on07 February 2022

“It is doing great”

Despite rumours based on sources within the Volehill, Microsoft has denied killing off its HoloLens.

Last week, there were stories out there that Vole didn’t think the Metaverse had legs and it was pulling its HoloLens product.

Microsoft's mixed reality head, Alex Kipman said HoloLens 3 was doing great despite Business Insider saying it had been scrapped plans.

Microsoft has reportedly agreed to partner with Samsung on a new mixed reality device, a move that has apparently "inflamed divisions" that exist in Microsoft's mixed reality teams.

Anonymous Microsoft employees speaking to Business Insider claim there is confusion and uncertainty over the future of HoloLens inside the division that is run by  Kipman.

"Don't believe what you read on the internet," claims Kipman in a reply to a tweet referencing the report. "HoloLens is doing great and if you search said internet they also said we had cancelled HoloLens 2... which last I checked we shipped with success."

Meta, formerly Facebook, is aggressively pursuing the dream of a metaverse, and it's something Microsoft wants to build, too.


Last modified on 08 February 2022
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