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PQI sells sexy USB sticks

by on04 April 2007


Intelligent Drive i810


PQI officially announced new product in their Intelligent stick series, Intelligent Drive i810.



New Intelligent Drive i810 uses PQI's own patented Intelligent Stick Interface that is fully compatible with USB 1.1/2.0. That interface allows i810 to be designed in flash card size. It weights only 2.2 grams with dimensions of 30x15.2x5mm and it is water, dust, shock, and vibration proof. It will be available from 512MB up to 2GB in capacity, with a mobile phone dongle design. It is offered in pink or iron gray color.

It sure looks good, but price is not yet announced. You can find out more on PQI products webpage here.


Last modified on 04 April 2007
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