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Corsair officially announces its Core i7 kits

by on22 October 2008


XMS3 and Dominator coming

Corsair has officially announced its triple-channel kits designed to work on Intel's upcoming X58-based motherboards. Corsair is going to offer three different DDR3 memory speeds, 1333MHz, 1600 and 1866MHz. The last one will be the fastest Core i7 capable memory known, at least for now. All modules will be available as 3 and 6GB kits.

The first one is the part of Corsair's well-known Dominator series, and this one will work at 1866MHz with 9-9-9-24 latencies. These highest clocked triple-channel Dominator kits will be bundled with Corsair's airflow fan and as always, will be cooled by Corsair's DHX (Dual-Path Heat Exchange) designed heatsinks. The lower clocked, 1600MHz Dominator kits will work with 8-8-8-24 latencies, while the mainstream XMS3 kits will have the same 9-9-9-24 latencies.

As for the price, the high-end 6GB 1866MHz Dominator kit will cost you an arm and a leg, ending up priced at US$475, while the 3GB kit will retail at around US$250. The lower clocked Dominator kits will retail at US$300 and US$175 for the 3 and 6GB kits. The mainstream part, XMS3 clocked at 1333MHz, or the one that most of us mortals will probably buy, is going to retail at $230 and $120 for 6 and 3GB kits, respectively.

Here are some pictures.


Last modified on 23 October 2008
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