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Is the Storm 2 9570 cancelled?

by on08 October 2010


It appears that this could be the case
It seems that RIM might have cancelled the Storm 2 9570. According to our sources, RIM has pulled the plug on the 9570, which was a hardware refresh of the Storm 2. The decision is said to be due to the Carrier’s desire for a 3G/4G device.

From what we hear, some are suggesting that the Storm didn’t exactly sell as well as carriers had hoped; and RIM’s desire to move toward OS 6 devices could be playing into this decision. It is unknown what the future will hold for the Storm family and whether RIM is planning another new Storm device in the long term.

Verizon’s thumbs down on carrying the 9570 is said to have played into the decision, but our sources confirm to us that this was not the only reason for the decision.

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