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iPhone available from 4 players in Austria

by on30 November 2010

€1 for a two-year contract at €40 a month
In a country called Austria, with a population comparable to Los Angeles, the iPhone 4 is now available from two more carriers, for a total of four. The best thing is that the price starts from €1.

Austrian users used to have iPhone 4 available from Orange and T-mobile, and as of Monday November 29th you can buy an iPhone 4 from the country's largest operator A1 as well as from the smallest providers who didn't offer iPhones, such as Telering, a subsidiary of T-mobile, Bob, which is a subsidiary of A1 and Yess, a subsidiary of Orange, all low cost networks.

This means that four players are now competing for an iPhone 4 market and orange already offers an iPhone 4 for free as long as you are willing to commit to two-year contract, €40 a month. The deal s not bad as it gets you 2,100 free minutes in Austria, 2,100 SMS messages in Austria and the rest of EU as well as 6 GB of internet.

The competition is on, as there won’t be a reason for most Austrians to change its network in order to get an iPhone. The price of €40 a month is more or less standard here and bare in mind that you can get a similar plan and an Android smartphone of a similar class for €20 a month.

At least the competition is on, let them be creative.

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