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Android overtakes iOS in U.S. smartphone users

by on07 January 2011


CES 2011: RIM leads the mobile pack

Comscore has released their latest data on U.S. smartphone owners for the three months leading up to November, 2010. It says that 61.5 million people, up 10 percent from the preceding three-month period, own smartphones in the U.S.


As it stands, Blackberry maker, RIM still leads with 33.5 percent market share of smartphones.  RIM managed to lose 4.1 percent of their share, down from 37.6 in August to 33.5 in November 10 2010.

Google which has been gaining ground over the last year, and has captured the number two ranking among smartphone platforms.  As of November Google had a 26.0 percent marketshare of U.S. smartphone subscribers.  Android has grown from 19.6 perecnt in August 2010 to 26.0 percent or 6.4 percent.

Apple has slipped into third place and accounted for just 25.0 percent of smartphone subscribers gaining only 0.8 percent.

Microsoft lost 1.8 percent and receded downward from 10.8 to 9.0 percent, while Palm lost 0.7 percent from its previous standing of 4.6 percent settling into last place to 3.9 percent in November.  The current trend shows that Google is on a sharp expansion, and that it will surely continue in the upcoming months.

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