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Qualcomm is the mobile winner

by on09 October 2012

Makes 48 percent of all the money spent on mobile chips

Analysts have identified Qualcomm as the real winner of mobile race.

Strategy Analytics beancounters say that just under half the money spent on mobile chips ends up in Qualcomm's back pocket. The next four popular chip companies are Samsung, MediaTek, Broadcom, and Texas Instruments.

Samsung was behind because, despite flogging most of the Android smartphones out there, but not all of them use the company’s in-house developed Exynos chips. It sometimes uses Broadcom, or Texas Instrument chips. The American Galaxy S III variants use Qualcomm’s chips.

Strategy Analytics report points out that Intel is finally in the phone game but has so far just captured just 0.2 per cent of the revenues in the chip market.

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