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Samsung S4 puts iPhone in the backburner

by on18 March 2013

Apple gasps

Despite the fact it failed to impress some hardcore fans, the Galaxy S4 has put the fear of Jobs into Apple.

The latest Galaxy out-does the iPhone in most technical aspects although not by much. However it is the fact that Samsung can push out new phones faster than Jobs’ Mob can think about them that is giving Apple a run for its money. Analysts are warning that if Apple does not pick up the pace with designs and new machines it is going to get taken to the cleaners.

Apple has got by with a new machine every two years and an “update” in the middle. However that is not going to work if your rivals are going to come up with one or two new phones every year. The fact that Samsung was able to launch its phone in New York, which is called the Big Apple because the city sold its soul to the new religion, and for it to do well, is a slap in the fact for Jobs’ Mob.

Many analysts now say Apple has to respond in force to Samsung and other rivals that are grabbing attention.

Most no longer expect that Apple can pull a rabbit out of its hat with the next iPhone and the company has seen its shares fall 30 percent from a high of $705. The Galaxy 4S is refresh but it shows that smartphone technology is now improving so fast that timetables put Apple at a disadvantage.

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