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HTC One won’t get Nexus Edition

by on16 May 2013

For vanilla Android dial LG, or Samsung

Google unveiled an unlocked developer version of the Galaxy S4 at Google I/O yesterday, prompting many observers to wonder whether a vanilla Android version of the HTC One could be in the works. 

Sadly, it isn’t.

HTC told TechnoBuffalo that the company is not planning a “Nexus Edition” of the HTC One. HTC also pointed out that it already offers an unlocked developer version of its flagship Android phone. We can’t say we’re surprised, but we are a bit disappointed. A growing number of Android users are shunning TouchWiz and Sense in favour of Google’s ascetic and clean default UI.

For the first time ever, Nexus devices are becoming big sellers in their segments, namely the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, but vendors are still refusing to offer plain Android versions of their existing handsets. However, in case you still want an HTC with stock Android, but don’t want to go for a custom ROM, the HTC First could do the trick. Facebook Home can be disabled, turning the First into a HTC’s only stock Android phone.

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