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Nvidia Shield to ship July 31

by on22 July 2013

Another day, another delay

When we said Nvidia would start shipping Shield consoles in late July, we didn’t exactly have the last day of the month in mind.

However, July 31 is now the official launch date. Nvidia was supposed to launch the console in late June, but it was forced to postpone the launch due to a mechanical problem. Nvidia never mentioned the issue again and we still don’t know what went wrong.

With a new launch date and a new price tag, the Shield should start to appear in retail in August and September, although we’re still not sure about the dynamics of the rollout in all markets.

However, it is very unlikely that the teething problems will hurt Nvidia. We doubt that the company is expecting strong sales and Shield still looks like a proof-of-concept and a niche device rather than a truly marketable portable console, so it's not like it stands to make a lot of cash anyway.

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