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Amazon said to be working on two phones

by on03 October 2013

Strange 3D screen, UI on at least one of them

There was no shortage of Amazon smartphone rumours this year and now we’re hearing even more. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and Tech Crunch reports that two phones are in the works.

One project, codenamed Smith, apparently features four front facing cameras and a 3D screen. The cameras are placed at each corner of the device and they will be used to track eye movement, which will then be used to control the interface and give the impression of 3D. It sounds weird and gimmicky, but it could open up a range of possibilities.

The second project is codenamed Project B and it is a value smartphone. It is reportedly based on an operating system similar to the one used on Kindle Fire tablets, but that’s about it – there is no word on specs.

Amazon has proven that it can come up with pretty good hardware, but then again its Fire tablets feature a heavily customized Android-based operating system and lack direct access to the Play Store. While this approach works well in the US, the rest of the world isn’t as addicted to Amazon and its services.

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