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Ion 2 comes in Q4 2009

by on25 February 2009


Nvidia is ready for Pineview

Nvidia has confirmed in its presentation that we will shortly post, that there will be a next generation Ion chipset. We decided to call to Ion 2. We heard the codename and we will try to get it and we are sure that the codename is MCPx8 but we will get back to you later.

The new Ion chipset will support a wide range of CPUs including Atom, Celeron, Pentium and Core 2 series. As if this wasn't enough, the chipset will also support Via Nano.

This means that Nvidia will have a chipset to compete Pineview-SC the new Atom that has IGP and Northbridge integrated and interconnects with Tigerton, ICH7 hidden under a new name.

Intel will have a space advantage and we were told by one of Intel’s VP that Pineview will enable passively cooled machines possible.
Nvidia will most certainly need fan, but it will bring much better performance with some basic gaming capabilities and superb HD support. 

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