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DFI outs hybrid P45 ION board

by on17 November 2009


For tree huggers and Nvidia fanboys

DFI has
released officially released a new, power efficient P45 motherboard based around a rather novel and odd concept.

DFI's Hybrid board features Intel's P45 chipset coupled with Nvidia's ION, so it basically packs two independent platforms. We already mentioned it in September, here, and not much has changed since then really.

The board features a KVM and LAN switch on board, allowing you to use it with a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. Basically, users can opt for the ION platform when they don't need much performance and save up to 65% of energy, at least according to DFI's testing.

The only real downside is the price. The board is expected to sell at nearly $400, which doesn't sound like a very good deal.


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