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Nvidia said to be mulling GPU combo southbridge

by on02 September 2010

For Sandy Bridge apparently
Digitimes is reporting that Nvidia engineers are currently hard at work on a new chipset solution that should combine the functions of a southbridge with a proper Nvidia GPU.

The purported development is aimed at Intel’s upcoming South Bridge platform and it would allow vendors to buy Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform sans Cougar Point southbridge. Digitimes believes that vendors could thus save between $10 and $15 per PC and that they could use the piggy-banked cash to get Nvidia’s new chip. It is unclear, however, how much Nvidia’s chip would cost.

However, we’d advise you to take this with a grain of salt. Nvidia has been ebroiled in a lengthy legal dispute with Intel over licensing rights and although recent developments have gone Nvidia’s way, we’re still a bit skeptical. Licensing aside, Sandy appears to pack quite powerful graphics, so it would appear that vendors and consumers alike wouldn’t have too much interest to bother. The days of Intel’s god-awful 945 GC are long gone.

Nvidia’s chipset business is all but gone and although hordes of nostalgic enthusiasts would like to see Nvidia back in the market, there’s little chance for a comeback. The AMD market is gone and even without the licensing brouhaha Intel’s new CPUs already pack graphics, so there’s really not much room for Nvidia or any other player for that matter.

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