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B3 stepping Sandy boards available

by on09 March 2011

Asus, Gigabyte lead the charge

It has been weeks since Intel kindly asked its partners to stop shipping Sandy Bridge motherboards due to the now infamous and overhyped SATA bug.

However, dozens of B3-stepping boards are now shipping and they are already available in most markets. Asus is leading the way and it currently has 11 B3-stepping SKUs in retail. Gigabyte has also done well, as it is now offering eight patched up motherboards. MSI has four boards to offer and oddly enough, Intel has just two.

Other partners have also listed a number of B3-stepping boards, but they’re still not available in retail. The boards are probably ready, but they are stuck in a shipping container somewhere on the high seas and if Somali pirates don't have their way the boards should be in Europe soon.

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