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Asus expects to dominate Android tablet market

by on13 June 2011

Still nowhere near Apple though
Asus believes it will come to dominate the Android tablet market by the end of the month, thanks to the introduction of EeePad transformer series tablets.

Asus CEO Jerry Shen claims the outfit will ship 300,000 10-inch Android tablets in June, marking a 200,000 unit increase over April. Shen believes tablets will account for about 10 percent of Asus’ total monthly revenue, which is rather surprising.

However, several major players are also eying the rapidly growing Android tablet market, including the likes of Acer, Samsung, Motorola and others. More traditional PC makers such as HP, Dell and Toshiba are also introducing Android tablets, but it will take some time for them to secure a foothold in the market.

Despite this, Apple still reigns supreme in the tablet market, with shipments of nearly two million units a month.

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