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Toshiba working on Tegra 3 tablet

by on09 January 2012

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CES 2012: Comes later this year

Nvidia claims that Tegra 3 will have many more design wins than Tegra 2, and it looks like Toshiba will jump the Tegra 3 bandwagon. Acer has already announced the A700 tablet with Tegra 3 and HD IPS display that is supposed to launch later this year and Asus is already "kind of" shipping their Transformer Prime Tegra 3 tablet.

Now sources close to Toshiba are telling us that there will be a Tegra 3 tablet coming later this year, which is another good design win for Nvidia. It won’t be easy this year as the S4 28nm dual-core from Qualcomm will be getting a lot of attention, and OMAP 4 also scored a lot of design wins in the latest tablets and phones.

We don’t know if Toshiba plans to get away from the cliché 1280x800 display resolution.  It looks that most tablets that will show up by mid-2012 or later, and have a good chance of getting the HD resolution on these 10 inch or smaller screens.

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