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Tame Apple press shifts gear to lower iPad expectations

by on07 March 2012

What the iPad and Mitt Romney have in common

Apple’s iPad launch event is set to kick off tomorrow evening and punters across the internets are rolling out their final pre-launch predictions.

Judging by the rumours, leaks and “informed” guesses, the new iPad won’t end up with a “3” moniker and Apple plans to call it iPad HD. Everybody seems to be in agreement that the (only) major upgrade will be the 2048x1536 screen. Aside from the new screen, expectations are not running high.

Talk of a quad-core SoC has given way to a less impressive revision of the A5 core. Reportedly dubbed A5X, the new chip is said to feature two A9-based cores with a new GPU. Mind you, it is still unclear what sort of GPU will be under the bonnet, but since everybody is in the guessing game, we will say it is probably an SGX554. On paper, this GPU is roughly twice as fast as the SGX543MP of Apple A5 fame.

Of course, diehard fanboys were expecting more, a lot more indeed. Some were hoping for a quad-core, some believed Apple would miraculously manage to roll out a 28nm A15 chip and so on. However, in the end the new iPad will probably end up with a brilliant new screen and a slightly tweaked processor with more graphics muscle. That is all, nothing spectacular.

However, over the past few days the tame Apple press has shifted into fifth gear in an effort to lower unrealistic expectations. Having created them to begin with, this should not be an issue and the flock will probably accept the new edicts with enthusiasm. Damage control or not, we saw a similar scenario unfold with the underwhelming iPhone 4S launch, as faithful consumers swallowed the spin and lined up in droves to spend $500 on the same phone they had in their pockets. Talking snake or talking Siri, Futurama’s “shut up and take my money” says it all.

With all this in mind, the new iPad HD sort of reminds us of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. As soon as he wins the nomination, all his critics and party faithful will fall in line behind the shiny new candidate, forgetting their initial disappointment and months of moaning. Apple consumers will do likewise. However, voting is still free, even in America, while Apple gear is not. Oh well, at least Apple gear is not plastic.

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