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The new iPad now ships in 2 to 3 weeks

by on12 March 2012

In US, Germany, UK, France, everywhere

We kind of suspect it’s a Europe wide delay, but at Apple online stores in Germany, UK, France, it is clearly stated that if you spend the money today, you will get your the new iPad in two to three weeks.

After further looking it looks like it is a worldwide issue as Apple store in the United States claims the same two to three weeks shipping time. Early birds in America and big European markets are going to get their iPads by Friday March 16th, while the second batch of US iPads will ship on Monday March 19th.

Consumers went nuts about the hi-res screen which is a great feature that makes the new iPad worthwhile, but on the other hand some consumers in the USA want to faster Internet with 4G. Most parts of Europe don’t really care about 4G that much. For example in Austria you can get unlimited 4G up to 100 Mbits per second for €50 a month and the 3 network doesn’t even bother to advertise it.

We are sure that you will get your iPad but it might take some additional time. We are sure that second batch of countries that are supposed to get the new iPad on the 23rd of March will also suffer from supply issues and long shipping times.

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