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Qualcomm snatches new Nexus 7 from Nvidia

by on19 March 2013


Similar price, lack of LTE and delay to blame

We already wrote about Asustek's decision of going for Qualcomm's chipset rather than Nvidia Tegra 4 back in February and now Digitimes reports that its sources from the "upstream supply chain" are poiniting to the same info. Well, at least that's one rumour Digitimes got right, a month late, but right.

Despite the fact that Asus and for that matter Nvidia, certainly scored big with the first Nexus 7 which had a perfect price and decent performance, it is now pretty much clear that the second-generation Nexus 7, expected to launch in May, will be powered by a Qualcomm chipset.

We already wrote that the main reason behind this decision came due to Nvidia's unexpected delay as well as the obvious lack of 4G LTE support, and according to Digitimes, the price of Qualcomm's and Nvidia's chipsets were quite similar which made the decision even easier for Asus.

Nvidia did come up with the Tegra 4i, with an integrated 4G LTE, but it is quite obvious that it will came too late.

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