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Microsoft wins in iPad and Surface battle

by on25 March 2014

Viral PR

Microsoft has done rather well in a viral story which pitched its Surface 2 against the iPad.

The story is simple. A 12 year-old girl wanted to buy an iPad mini and nagged her dad. The dad was worried about letting his kid join a cult at that age, everyone knows that an iPad mini leads to harder Apple toys and the next thing you know you are mortgaging your house to buy an upgrade.

Obviously if the iPad mini was a better product than the Father would have to give in. So what he did was he wrote to Microsoft and Samsung about his daughter’s plans to buy an iPad – challenging both companies to offer reasons why they shouldn’t go ahead with the iPad purchase.

Samsung shut up, but Redmond seeing the PR value, took the challenge much to the surprise of the girl and her father. Needless to say the much photographed but unidentified girl went for the Surface 2. The whole story has been detailed by Microsoft in a blog entry here, while there is also a rather cute video to check out too showing the whole thing. 

We leave it up to our readers to work out if the story is PR spin or real, it seems to be true though. Face it who would chose an iPad mini over a Surface 2 anyway. (Oh Lord. Ed)

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