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World famous photographer abandons his Macs

by on11 April 2017

Apple is dead to me

World-famous photographer, artist, writer and adventurer Trey Ratcliff has shocked the Tame Apple Press by saying the fruity-cargo cult was “dead to him” after treating its creative customers so badly.

Writing in Techspot  Ratcliff said he converted to Apple over five years ago when Apple made the best products for creative professionals.

“I loved Apple and became a hardcore fanboy. I was all-in. Now, I’m switching back to PCs.”

Now he says that Apple has started to put an emphasis on sleek design form over professional function.

Ratcliff said that the creative industry needs powerful machines that can handle a lot.

“I doubt I’m the only creative professional in this situation. Nowadays, my camera’s RAW files are bigger (I use a Hasselblad X1D, but my MacBook was still choking with my Sony A7Rii files), and I do a lot of video work as well. I simply need a workhorse. It’s too bad that Apple has chosen not to care so much about the creative professional; we were the ones that got them through the lean years. Oh well.”

He said that he was also fed up with the iCloud demanding money from him. He had long ago given up on the iPhone and was an Android user. Apple software apps like Mail or Apple Maps where useless and while he was using Apple Photos to organise my final portfolio shots, he found it to be somewhat confusing and not as powerful as he needed it to be.

Ratcliff said that Windows 10 was much better software than he expected.

Although we are talking about one Apple fanboy, Ratcliff’s story is how Jobs' Mob is losing its user base. If Apple starts losing the musicians, then it really will be stuffed.

Last modified on 11 April 2017
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