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Lenovo goes crazy with flexible screen notebook concept

by on21 June 2017

Not coming anytime soon

At its Lenovo Transform event in New York City, Lenovo unveiled a rather crazy concept of a notebook that features a flexible screen and uses a unique hingeless design.

While it only exists as a rendering and most likely will never see the light of day as a working prototype, the Lenovo flexible screen notebook concept certainly stirred a lot of attention today.

The rendering of the concept was unveiled at the event by Lenovo's Senior Vice President of Commercial Business, Christian Teismann, after showing a history of Lenovo's notebooks, including all time favorite, ThinkPad 701. Unfortunately, Lenovo did not have much information to share other than it will use advanced materials, new screen technologies, be always connected, lack any form of touchpad, other than Thinkpad's iconic red pointing stick, have voice and stylus support and, most importantly, an ability to be rolled or bent.

Plenty of manufacturers have been showing flexible screens at shows like CES for quite some time and while we believe that we are not far from having flexible display devices in our lives, we are sure that notebooks will be a bit different than what Lenovo has been showing as a concept.

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Last modified on 21 June 2017
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