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Former Apple worker admits the touch-bar was pointless

by on29 August 2017

Jobs’ Mob suckered users with pointless technology 

Chuq Von Rospach, a former Apple employee and commentator, has slammed the MacBook maker for forcing consumers to pay extra for the Touch which gave them practically nothing.

Writing in his bog, he said that he bought his iMac 5K for the home office, and that meant shifting away from using his MacBook Pro, a fall 2016 13” model with the Touch Bar and TouchID sensors that he’d been using as his primary computer.

Von Rospach said he was surprised to discover that he did not miss the Touch Bar at all, and missed the touchID sensor a little bit, but a lot less than he expected to.

“Much as I love the TouchID sensor, what keeps me from missing it much is 1Password. It’s marginally more work for me to type in my password to open 1Password than use my fingerprint, but not much. My Apple Watch unlocks the Mac, and so I don’t need the TouchID sensor for that, and when I use Apple Pay on the iMac, the Watch makes that quite painless, too.”

Basically Von Rospach discovered that the Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor solvied problems he did not have. He said that Apple pushed these features in the October laptop releases, but no one appears to need them.

He can’t think of why Apple needs to keep the touch bar and indeed suspects that the fruity cargo cult is about to ditch it.

“When Apple released the iMacs earlier this year not one word was mentioned about the Touch Bar or TouchID and support for them via an updated keyboard or trackpad was nowhere to be found. I’m taking that as an indication that after the lackluster response to this with the laptop releases, they’ve gone back to the drawing board a bit before rolling it out further", Von Rospach said.

He thought that Apple fell in love with the technology of the Touch Bar system and expected its users to fall in love with it too.

But the problem was that Apple is supposed to sell stuff based on how technology will solve problems and Touch Bar does not solve many. The Tool bar needs a killer app and it has not got one.

“Right now, my bet is on Apple having decided they fell in love with the Touch Bar and lost sight of the fact that Apple sells solutions to problems, not technologies. And here, they handed us this really neat technology, and it fell rather flat in the market. So I expect the next round of laptops to de-emphasize it, unless they understand how to re-launch it across the products successfully.”

Being an Apple fanboy, Von Rospach has failed to see a more obvious explanation here. Apple was under pressure to do something new with its MacBooks which it had not refreshed for ages. Adding a few useless coloured lights on it was seen as a way forward. Now if Von Rospach is correct, Apple might abandon that move for some other shiny but useless thing.

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