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Lenovo celebrates Thinkpad by going back in time

by on06 September 2017

Retro Thinkpad with a T470 guts

It looks like Lenovo is preparing for the Thinkpad’s 25th anniversary by releasing a retro version with a contemporary T470’s insides.

Lenovo inherited IBM's notebook brand 12 years ago. In 2012 Lenovo "modernise" the iconic keyboard, along with other changes which did not go down that well.

Most Thinkpad users liked the X220 and T420 lines, the last that you could buy with the 7 row QWERTY.

Two years ago Lenovo's design chief Dave Hill acknowledged that some people "would stand in line" for the classic version. In June, Hill confirmed that for the Thinkpad's 25th anniversary this year a retro edition would indeed be produced, which Hill promised "will embody many of the things people asked for…Exact pricing and availability are not finalized but I can assure you it will not cost $5,000!" Hill said.

Now a German certification site has found the "Thinkpad 25" variant described as a Thinkpad T470 and a Chinese notebook forum has a picture purporting to be the Thinkpad 25.

While Lenovo is correct that modern Thinkpads are better at travelling but programmers and writers will find the old one more useful.

Over the years several other features of the Thinkpad were removed along with the seven-row keyboard such as the rubberised coating which will returns for the 25th anniversary. It may be harder to reintroduce the 16:10 aspect ratio display as 16:9 is considered better for movies.


Last modified on 06 September 2017
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