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AMD embedded is in Airbus A380

by on10 September 2013

Military planes as well

AMD just said that the huge Airbus A380 uses AMD embedded chips, as well as some military planes. Arun Iyengar, General Manager of Embedded Solutions Group, mentioned that AMD has been used in submarines, rescue vehicles as well as some other markets that you don’t really expect it to be.


This is a market that likes to buy these chips for a number of years and expect support for least 7 years for these parts to be available. AMD embedded is in the heads up display market and it’s interesting to mention that the next generation embedded 28nm 2014 chips are all spread between Globalfoundries and TSMC without specifics which manufacturers makes what.

Some 20 percent of AMD’s revenue this year is expected to come from embedded, but don’t forget that consoles are also part of this market. AMD wants to make 50 percent of its revenue from embedded in the near future and this is not going to be an easy task considering fearsome competition. However, the console wins should help.

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