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AMD ready to make ARM chips

by on17 September 2021

But only if it has to

AMD's CFO Devinder Kumar has commented that AMD stands ready to manufacture ARM chips if needed.

He said that several AMD customers want to work with the company on ARM-based solutions.

Speaking at a Deutsche Bank Technology Conference, Kumar built on comments from AMD CEO Lisa Su earlier in the year that underscored the company's willingness to create custom silicon solutions for its customers, be they based on x86 or ARM architectures.

Intel also intends to produce ARM and RISC-V chips, too, meaning that the rise of non-x86 architectures will be partially fueled by the stewards of the dominant x86 ecosystem.

AMD CFO Devinder Kumar said that from his standpoint, when you look at compute solutions, “whether it's x86 or ARM or even other areas, that is an area for our focus on investment for us”.

"We know compute really well. Even ARM, as you referenced, we have an exceptionally good relationship with ARM. And we understand that our customers want to work with us with that product to deliver the solutions. We stand ready to go ahead and do that even though it's not x86, although we believe x86 is a dominant strength in that area."

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