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AMD will lose 26 percent market share

by on01 July 2022

Morgan Stanley analyst drops bombshell

While AMD seems to have been doing rather well of late, it could be about to lose a ton of market share in the coming months according to Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore.

Chatting to Seeking Alpha Moore said that AMD will lose 26 percent market share in coming months to Intel, who's 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs have been selling well on both desktop, thanks to excellent gaming and content creation performance, as well as laptops.

AMD insists that the issue is only temporary. AMD's Robert Hallock recently outlined the company's plans with its highly anticipated Zen 4 architecture as well as a stop-gap measure in the form of the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. It will have a new CPU socket in the form of Socket AM5, driving motherboard sales since the new CPUs will not be backwards compatible.

The outfit’s cunning plan is that its loyal fan base will also likely snap up Zen 4 CPUs, which are claimed to offer significantly higher performance across the board and will clean the clock of Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs later this year.

Both Intel and AMD are expecting laptop revenue will increase up to 35 percent in 2022, though, thanks to increasing market share this year, with 2023 turning flat. AMD looks set for gains overall factoring in mobile and data centre, while desktop will rely on it executing its Zen 4 launch in a manner with competitively priced products. Its next major launch will be the first against a more competitive Intel which has been snoozing since 2017.


Last modified on 01 July 2022
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