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GeForce RTX 4060 desktop and laptop specs are the same

by on14 February 2023


The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that the specs for the desktop GeForce RTX 4060 this week, and they look remarkably similar to the laptop variant.

Trusted leaker kopite7kimi posted his latest information on the specs for the desktop GeForce RTX 4060. In several areas, the GPU's numbers look lower than its predecessor, the RTX 3060. The RTX 4060 may only include 8GB of VRAM. The RTX 3060 has 12GB which is more than the RTX 3070's 8GB.

Kopite7kimi's desktop RTX 4060 specs show it has an identical CUDA core count, Tensor core count, ray tracing core count, and TDP as the laptop version. It also uses the same AD107 GPU as the laptop RTX 4060. Those specs are lower than the desktop RTX 3060, bringing its successor's performance in some areas into question.

While the desktop RTX 4060's clock speed is still unknown, it will have faster RAM than the RTX 3060. Previous rumors suggested the RTX 4060 will reach RTX 3070 Ti-like performance.

Recent releases have raised concerns regarding how much video memory high-end future PC games need. Performance analysis of Hogwarts Legacy suggests the game eats up at least 10GB of VRAM for most users and 14GB with ray tracing enabled. The Dead Space remake has problems with sub-12GB graphics cards.


Last modified on 14 February 2023
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