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More AMD AM3 CPU info

by on25 June 2007

45nm in 2H 2008

AMD has revealed some more information about its upcoming CPU plans and we're talking the next generation for 45nm parts here. The AM3 processors will use HyperTransport 3.0 and will aparently have a memory controller that can handle DDR2 and DDR3.

We've already written about the codenames for the new models here, so I'm not going to repeat the info there, but what we didn't know back then is that these new processors are meant to be backwards compatible with socket AM2/AM2+.

This information has aparently come from various motherboard manufacturers, although it sounds highly unlikely to us. Aparently the AM3 socket is not backwards compatible, so if you want to go DDR3, it's socket AM3 or bust.

You can find the source of this new info here
Last modified on 25 June 2007
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