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Barcelona K10 launch version is BA

by on14 September 2007


Shanghai / Moscow 07:  The fixed B0 revision, not B2

Back in Barcelona Spain, AMD officially said to the Fudzilla that the shipping Barcelona K10 is a stoning B2 revision but a few independent sources have confirmed that Barcelona Opterons 23xx will come as BA chips. Well AMD folks were wrong as B2 wont be ready till Q4.

The BA revision is improved and fixed B1 revision that is suitable for mass production. AMD simply couldn't launch the B1 revision as it was buggy. The infamous B1 had Errata 281 bug with horrible stream, integer and floating point unit performance and BA fixes it.

The B2 comes in Q4 and it is likely to save AMD's behind as it offers higher clock speeds of up to 3GHz and even higher.

So, the first Opteron 23xx at up to 2GHz won't be exactly the greatest thing around but at least it's a start.


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