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AMD works on Phenom stepping 3

by on17 September 2009


Working silicon is there

AMD just got back a new revision of Deneb core, something that is internally known as Phenom stepping 3.

Stepping 3 is all about operating at lower voltage and lower TDP and will be the core of AMDs Q2 2010 notebook Phenom II quad core chip.

Some think that it might be ready even earlier, but the worst case scenario will see the next generation 45nm Deneb revision by late Q2 2010. This is of course, if all stays on schedule and if AMD doesn’t experience any delays.

Stepping 3 should last the whole 2010 as AMD plans to shift to 32nm only in 2011, simply as AMD won't be ready with its designs. However their fabs, now owned by Global foundries, are ready for 32nm production as of mid 2010.

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