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Norwegian retailer ships Thuban six-cores

by on22 April 2010


Update: Spain has them, too

A Norwegian
retailer has jumped the gun and started shipping AMD Phenom II X6 processors. is currently listing about a dozen 1090T Black Edition parts, here. The price is 2,276 krone, which works out to about €288. Not bad for a 3.2GHz six-core, not bad at all. The company also has more than a hundred Phenom II X6 1055T processors in stock. These 2.8GHz parts are shipping for €197 which is nothing short of a bargain. You can get them here, at least until AMD kindly asks the retailer to pull them.

In addition to this merry gang of Scandinavian Phenoms, it appears that a bunch of them have made it to Spain. Maybe they like the sun, or their flight was canceled thanks to than unpronounceable volcano in Iceland. Be as it may, you can get them here and here.
Last modified on 22 April 2010
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