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Fusion chipset Hudson has USB 3.0

by on25 June 2010

But for the top SKU
There will be two different versions of AMD's Hudson chipset, the chipset of choice for Fusion APUs. They should talk to Llano or similar APUs and only the top one will have USB 3.0 support.

The others, we heard of two different southbridge chips, will have many USB 2.0 ports, but that is just about it. No USB 3.0 for the cheaper fusion that fits Brazos.  Remember, the first Fusion that aims for Brazos platform is replacing Dorado / Kodiak Athlon II based CPUs in mainstream market.

Fusion is not for the high end, but Lynx platform will be responsible for the upper part of the mainstream market, something that graphics companies usually call the performance market.

Enthusiasts will have to wait for Scorpius platform and Bulldozer CPUs, but most of this stuff comes at some point of 2011.

As we said, Hudson is reserved for Fusion chips that have most of the Northbridge and graphics inside and they will simply act as a Southbridge.

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