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ARM plans to enter PC, server markets

by on04 February 2011

By 2015
During a recent conference call ARM announced that it was planning to gain a foothold in PC and server markets by 2015.

However, the process won't be fast and it will depend on further development of its CPUs and moreover a suitable software environment. ARM clearly believes that Microsoft's decision to embrace its architecture will be the driving factor in its desktop drive.

ARM currently holds a 95 percent share in the smartphone market and a 10 percent share in the mobile PC market, mainly thanks to tablets. The company has yet to ship any desktop or server parts and it's hard to say what it will have to offer in 2015.

The advent of faster multi-core processors and more powerful embedded GPUs should allow ARM processors to cope with more demanding applications in the low-end desktop space sometime in the future. On the other hand, ARM's processors will probably find takers in some niche server markets thanks to their power efficiency.

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