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Ivy Bridge Pentium comes in Q3 2012

by on18 October 2011

Not too many details

Currently the Pentium G860 and G850 dominate of the legacy roadmap for Intel. The faster G860 works at 3.0 GHz, has two cores and two thread support. It's a Sandy Bridge part that sells for $86 that was introduced recently, in Q3 2011.

This 32nm Pentium, with a 65W TDP and 3MB of cache will be replaced in Q3 2012 by and Ivy Bridge 22nm part. Ivy Bridge in Core i3 part of the market is slated for introduction in Q2 2012, while the faster Core i5 and Core i7 parts are still scheduled for March or April launch.

You can expect Ivy Bridge to inherit the $86 price tag in Q3 2012 and continue the legacy of LGA 1155 socket. The good news is that Ivy Bridge Pentium fits the existing 6 series chipset but it will also work in 7 series chipsets that are about to get introduced with Ivy Bridge.

Naturally the Ivy Bridge replacement of Pentium G860 is going to end up with faster performance than this 3GHz part, which sounds quite good for the money.

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