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Ivy Bridge 35W Pentium in Q1 13

by on16 October 2012

As well as Celeron

Intel is not done with its transition to Ivy Bridge. We already mentioned Pentium and Celeron Ivy Bridge processors scheduled for Q1 2013 introduction, but now we got hint of some low power 35W Ivy bridge Pentium and Celeron parts.

The Pentium G645T clocked at 2.5GHz is currently representing the L1 Pentium market in the 35W micro universe and as of Q1 2013 it will get replaced by G2020T. The Pentium G2020T is clocked at 2.5GHz and sticks around at 35W. Of course, the new chip comes with DX11 graphics, faster media processor and graphics as well as other benefits of the new 22nm architecture. The rest of the spec includes 3MB of L2 cache, two cores and two threads, 1333MHz memory support and 650/1050MHz graphics core.

Intel already ships Pentium G2100T core with 2.6GHz core clock 3MB, two cores and two threads 1333 and 1600MHz support, again a 22nm part at 35W. It looks like a winner in this market.  

The Celeron V1 35W is currently represented by G550T Sandy Bridge 32nm based core with 2.2GHz clock and in Q1 2013 it gets replaced by Celeron G1610T, with a 2.3GHz core clock. This is the slight speed increase in this Celeron market and the Ivy Bridge Celeron has 2MB cache, two cores and two threads, 1333MHz memory support and same 650/1050 MHz graphics clock. Let’s mention again that both processors are 35W.

Intel also tells its customers that Pentium 2020T is about 12 percent faster in HD content creation. This represents the test PC’s performance in digital media creation and is based on the test system’s performance in the three subtests – edit videos from your camcorder, create memories from your digital camera, and prepare media for on-the-go.

Pentium 2020T is 12 percent faster in “creating memories” from your digital camera. In Intel’s lingo this is the time taken to process vacation photos and videos from a 10-megapixel digital camera with 8GB storage capacity. Applications used are Adobe PhotoShop Elements 8, HDRsoft, Photomatrix 3, HDRsoft PhotoStudio2.13 and DivX 6.8.5.  

Pentium wins by some 10 percent faster when you prepare 4GB of music and video on the go. This is the time taken to convert approximately 4GB of music and videos for a portable media player. Applications used are iTunes 9.03 and Windows Drag and Drop. We are sure that this conversion is meant for your beloved Zune HD player. [Somebody's been watching The Simpsons. Ed]

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