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Intel SoCs won’t feature LTE until 2014

by on29 January 2013

Competitiveness, they have heard of it

Intel is working on integrated LTE modems for its upcoming SoC designs, but CEO Paul Otellini claims they will not be ready for prime time until 2014.

In a recent conference call Otellini was directly asked about Intel’s plans for LTE integration and said “higher levels of integration” are expected next year. He went on to say that the first Intel-based phones with LTE should launch in early 2014, in time for the Mobile World Congress.

Otellini said Intel’s wireless team, formerly a business unit of Infineon, is making good progress in LTE.

"We believe we have a very competitive solution. The Infineon team is known for not necessarily being first to market, but being really good at engineering a very solid solution and being cost effective and cost competitive and I think that they are doing a very good job with respect to this product," said Otellini.

Intel hasn’t had much luck in the mobile market and the lack of LTE support in 2013 won’t help. Market leader Qualcomm has been shipping Snapdragon SoCs with integrated LTE for a year, while other ARM players are expected to catch up later this year.

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