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MediaTek launches 64-bit LTE part

by on24 February 2014


MediaTek’s LTE onslaught has started. The Tawainese chipmaker has launched a fresh new part just in time for the Mobile World Congress and it looks like a nice mid-range design.

The MT6732 is based on ARM’s new Cortex A53 core and it features four of these frugal 64-bit cores. The clock is 1.5GHz and the chip features Mali-T760 graphics, with Open GL ES 3.0 and OpenCL 1.2 support. Not bad, and it gets better. The chip features an integrated LTE modem, with support for FDD and TDD LTE networks. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band WiFi.

However, it may take a while before we see it in the shops. MediaTek says the MT6732 platform will be commercially available by Q3 of 2014, with devices expected by the end of the year.

“Following the launch of the world’s first 4G LTE Octa-core smartphone SOC – MT6595 – earlier this month, we are quickly expanding our LTE offering across a range of performance points to meet the growing demand for smartphone devices across all markets. The MT6732 provides excellent performance and a very comprehensive feature set,” said Jeffrey Ju, General Manager of the MediaTek Smartphone Business Unit.

MediaTek is also stepping up its marketing. It coined a new term for the MT6732 – it says the chip is aimed at the super-mid market. It’s marketing, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Qualcomm is targeting a similar market with the Snapdragon 610 and to some extent the 615. Nvidia’s Tegra 4i is also aimed at mid-range devices.

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