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Coffee Lake needs a new motherboard

by on03 August 2017

ASRock confirms it

ASRock tweeted from its official account that Intel's forthcoming Coffee Lake processors will not work with existing 200-series motherboards.

Toms Hardware  has confirmed that the tweet was true and it wasn’t just a Donald Trump-like exec on the Twitter account.

This means that if you want Intel’s Coffee Lake you will have to shell out for a new motherboard too and probably a new cooler.  

Intel's forthcoming Coffee Lake processors are built on the 14nm++ process and this will be the third revision of Intel's 14nm process technology. It will allow more cores to bear and six-core mainstream models.

Intel showed off Coffee Lake chips in a laptop earlier this year at Computex, Chipzilla claims to have 30 percent more performance over the seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors.

 It will be Intel’s attempt to fend off AMD's Ryzen competition a task which might be a bit trickier. After all you will have to scrap most of your PC for what should be a minor upgrade. 

AMD remains committed to Socket AM4 for all processors until 2020. That equates to easier and cheaper upgrades in the future which means Chipzilla will be looking less viable against AMD. Of course there will be legions of comments below disagreeing.


Last modified on 03 August 2017
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