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Mystery AMD Fenghuang Raven APU spotted

by on14 December 2017

Coming with 28 CUs and 2GB memory

A mystery AMD APU, codenamed Fenghuang Raven, has been spotted, featuring some rather impressive specifications.

While there are no precise details about the CPU, the SiSoft Sandra database information, and screenshots, courtesy of, show a graphics component that features 28 Compute Units, or a total of 1792 Stream Processors.

The graphics part is named as the AMD 15FF Graphics and it comes with 2GB of memory. It is unclear if this is HBM2 but with a memory bandwidth of 182.15GB/s, anything is possible.

While we still don't have many details, we are quite sure that more information will surface soon as this could be a desktop APU platform that will pack a decent punch when it comes to GPU power.

amd mysteryapu 1

amd mysteryapu 2


Last modified on 14 December 2017
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