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More Hades Canyon details emerge

by on06 March 2018

You can even smell the brimstone and hear the cries of the damned

Intel and AMD's collaboration which sees Intel Kaby Lake CPUs paired with an on-package Radeon RX Vega-derived GPU appears to have some rather good figures. 

Extreme Tech has got its paws on the benchmarks for Intel’s Radeon-powered Core i7-8809G, and the Hades Canyon NUC it’ll appear in.

For those who came in late, Hades Canon will have a fully powered GPU with a 1156:128:64 core configuration with AMD’s Ryzen 5 2400G.  Figures this high for 1080p performance at Ultra detail suggests a GPU that may well be able to handle 1440p if configured for lower detail levels. This means that AMD’s Vega can hit 1440p at Medium detail and 1080p at High / Ultra. This data from Playwares suggests like an RX 570.


While all this looks good, the crucial thing is how much Chipzilla is going to charge for all this.  Another downside is that an integrated CPU with an on-package GPU with dedicated HBM2 would be good for crypto-mining.  Intel's answer to this would be to make the NUCs so expensive that even miners won’t want them.  Unfortunately, it will take it out of the running for cheap GPU solutions.


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