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OCZ Reaper PC2-8500 HPC hits 1200 MHz

by on28 April 2007


1250MHz but not always stable

Cool things are in the lab, and we decided to show you one of them on Saturday. It's a hot day in Vienna, around 25 degrees Celsius outside, and maybe even hotter in the lab. Perfect weather conditions to burn some hardware. As we don’t have any air conditioning to test, we wanted to see how the new Heat Pipe based OCZ Reaper memory copes with the spring heat. It will get much hotter than 25 degrees Celsius inside the case.


For the past three hours we played with OCZ's Reaper PC2-8500 which works at 1066 MHz by default, out of the box. In this short time we did some fast tuning tests to see approximately how far we could go. Working at 1066MHz is and was stable at all times. We wanted to see some overclocking results and without much pain we managed to overclock this memory to 1200 MHz. Image


Super Pi




OCZ Reaper PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 1066MHz


03m 41s

17m 21s

OCZ Reaper PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 1200MHz


03m 18s

15m 46s


The Reaper PC2-8500 memory works fast and stable in all tests at 1200MHz. The extended radiators work well and removes the heat from the memory modules as fast as possible. This passive heatpipe memory does a good job, as at the end we managed to get 1250 MHz from our modules. For now, we're playing Quake4 at 1250MHz. It is not perfectly stable, but we will work on stability later today.

So, the Reaper PC2-8500 has some potential. Stay tuned for more.

Last modified on 29 April 2007
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