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Canon abandons film
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End of an era

Camera maker Canon has finally pulled the plug on film based cameras and is moving completely to digital.

Hackers down security cameras
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You probably weren't expecting this

In the days before the internet of things (IoT) you could be pretty much assured that your toaster, your fridge, your car and your washing machine were just going to break down and you'd have to call an engineer to fix them.

Canon faces EU fine
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Should not have bought Toshiba’s medical unit

EU regulators said they might fine Canon up to 10 percent of annual revenue for jumping the gun in its acquisition of Toshiba's Medical unit.

Canon announces 4K-ready 5D Mark IV DSLR camera
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Last week Canon launched its fourth-generation 5D DSLR camera, the first of its kind to offer Wi-Fi connectivity and 4K video capture support. The device features a 30.4-megapixel sensor, a wide native ISO range between 100 and 32,000, improved scene detection, and a second-generation autofocus system that expands coverage across a frame.

Canon comes up with 250-megapixel image sensor
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Fits into a DSLR camera

Canon has introduced a 250-megapixel image sensor capable of fitting into DSLR cameras.


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