Apple explains to world why third-party payment options are bad
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Expects to get the Epic Games case thrown out

Fruity cargo cult Apple outlined its objections to allowing app developers to link to third-party payment options ahead of a hearing next month that could determine whether a set of antitrust court orders is put on pause.

Google suing Epic now
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14 October 2021

Google suing Epic now

Tame Apple Press cheers

Epic Games, which dared to take on the fruity cargo cult Apple and its mighty briefs, is now being sued by Google.

App store ruling could cost Jobs’ Mob $4 Billion
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Tame Apple press sobs that Apple will lose billions

The Tame Apple press has donned sackcloth and ashes over Friday's ruling in Apple and Epic lawsuit.

Apple tries to drag Valve into Epic war
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Valve wants to be Swiss

Apple apparently subpoenaed Valve Software in November 2020, demanding it provide huge amounts of commercial data about Steam sales and operations going over multiple years.

Epic creates human faces for Unreal Engine
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MetaHuman Creator could be the next big thing

Epic Games has announced a new, browser-based software tool powered by its Unreal Engine called the MetaHuman Creator that can craft highly realistic human faces and help power more realistic body movements and facial animations

Epic buys an old shopping mall
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For an HQ rather than a car chase

Epic Games is buying an old shopping mall -- with nearly one million square feet of space -- and plans to convert it into its new global headquarters by 2024.

Cook and Federighi in the dock in Epic lawsuit
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Time to face the laywers

A judge has ordered Apple to produce Tim Cook and Craig Federighi to testify for the Apple versus Epic lawsuit, and they must produce required documents before the next hearing.

Epic loses antitrust injunction
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Apple fanboys celebrate at the prospect of paying more money

Epic Games "did not win its preliminary injunction in its antitrust action against Apple, which would have forced Apple to allow Fortnite back onto the iPhone, iPad, and Mac".

Epic is a saboteur, not a martyr, moans Apple
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It is trying to stop us making lots of cash

The Fruity Cargo Cult Apple has asked a court to reject Epic Games' latest bid to get Fortnite back on the App Store, saying the game maker is acting as "a saboteur, not a martyr" in its challenge to Apple's payment system.

Fortnite's new season cannot be played on Apple gear
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Epic Games confirms no more updates

Fortnite's next season is about to start, but Apple fanboys might need to move to Windows or Android to play it.