Google wants to prove quantum supremacy
Published in PC Hardware

Asks NASA for help to check if its quantum cat is dead and alive

Google wants NASA to help it prove quantum supremacy within a matter of months.

20th Century Fox uses AI to judge popular movies
Published in AI

What could go wrong?

Movie studio 20th Century Fox is using AI to predict what films people will want to see.

Google misses on quarterly revenue estimates
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Margins erode like dust in the wind

Google parent Alphabet missed analysts’ quarterly revenue estimates for the first time in at least two years and reported continuing erosion of its operating margin.

Google asked Andy Rubin to quit for being a sex pest
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But still gave him a hero’s farewell and a pile of cash

The creator of Android, Andy Rubin, was asked to leave Google for being a sex pest, but the search engine did its best to pretend everything was great.

Google's shocking third party charger antics spark fury
Published in Mobiles

Apple-like antics on Pixel 3

Google appears to be following Apple-like behaviour on its Pixel 3 by forcing users to buy its high price charger while throttling third party gear.

France angry over tech giant taxing
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Stop talking and make them pay up

The French government is getting its baguettes in a knot over delays in getting the US tech giants to start paying tax.

Next gen 2019 Snapdragon PC goes multi OS
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Chrome to join Windows 10

Miguel Nunes, a senior director of product management at Qualcomm, took the stage at one of the ARM TechCon presentations and shared details about the 2019 always connected Snapdragon PC. ACPC stands for Always connected PC.

Google to start charging for Google Play
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Will also allow rival versions of Android

Search engine outfit Google will charge smartphone makers a licensing fee for using Google Play app store and allow them to use rival versions of its Android mobile operating system.

"Do not track" function is a chocolate teapot
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Ignored by most websites

Those who think that switching their browser to “do not track” will prevent companies spying on them are wasting their time.

Google officially unveils its new Pixel phones
Published in Mobiles

The $800 Pixel 3 and the $900 Pixel 3 XL

After months of rumors, Google has now finally announced its new Pixel smartphones at its special Made By Google event, the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.