Star Trek’s Federation will still use Windows XP
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Coders have a look at Discovery code

Star Trek fans with HD have been looking at the code used in the new Star Trek: Discovery show and found that the Federation’s latest starship appears to be using Windows XP.

Star Trek: Discovery shows that big content still has not got the message
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Pirates will mess with your cunning plans

For a while it started to look like big content was starting to get the message about the internet – if content is available and cheap enough then people will buy legit copies. Then CBS released Star Trek: Discovery.

New star-trek film is a massive advert for HPE
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HPE will boldly go if it is still here in 250 years

The former maker of expensive printer ink has said that the Star Trek Beyond, the latest in the new Star Trek movies will be a big advert for the company.

Scientists crack biologically-powered circuit
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Borg collective day one

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have harnessed the molecular machinery of living systems to power an integrated circuit in what could be a step towards a biologically based machine. 

Star Trek communicator goes on sale soon
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Boldly going to the shops

The Wand Company, which makes gadgets from popular fiction, has developed a real Star Trek Communicator that can be connected to any smartphone using Bluetooth.

Release will come ahead of new movie


Paramount teams with Namco Bandai