Microsoft denies a subscription for Windows 10 update
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It is just a coincidence it has a file "UpgradeSubscription.exe"

Microsoft has had to deny that it is planning to bring in a subscription model after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Spotify makes $15 Family plan
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To match Apple and Google’s offering

Spotify is the last of big streaming names to finally settle for a US $15 plan that will cover all of your family, or at last up to five people. 

Microsoft Xbox music renamed to Groove
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Movies & TV app hits Windows 10 too

Microsoft has decided to rename Xbox Music to Grove, and the new brand makes sense. It also brings a new Movies & TV app to the new OS, and it's goal is to enable a richer media experience in Windows 10.


Will be different from Call of Duty Elite service


Will be for some EA Sports games first, as suspected

Actually, it is a very surprising revelation

Visits plummet